The STEP-UP (Socialization Through Exciting Partnerships UP-lifts) program will include young people with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) on the cusp of adolescence, which is a critical stage of the lifespan. The STEP-UP program will incorporate a peer education model through a variety of recreation experiences. While not all youth experience these transformations equally, disproportionately more young people with IDD are prone to behavior challenges than their typically developing peers. Understandably, young people with IDD desire to have developmental experiences and social opportunities similar to their typically developing peers. However, when struggles related their disabilities are heightened during this developmental stage it makes it more difficult, to participate in social activities at the same rate and level as their typically developing peers and can result in negative psychosocial outcomes like stress and loneliness. Since peers play a critical role in the health promotion strategy for program development. Peer education models are defined as systems of delivering knowledge that improves social learning and provides psychosocial support. Numerous evidence-based practices support inclusion programs that involve youth with IDD and youth without IDD as valuable opportunities for peer to peer education support.

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